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You can expect value added, professional service.

We deeply care about our community and representing those in need.

Experienced, and highly skilled at negotiation, we will aggressively strive to obtain the best possible remedy for our clients.

Shana Theiler

Shana Theiler has earned a reputation on the Kenai Peninsula for being a highly capable, aggressive, knowledgeable attorney; passionate about defending clients against the unreasonable pursuits of soon-to-be ex-spouses as well as protecting individual liberties against an ever pervasive and infringing government.

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Kenai Attorney – Will Walton

Will Walton

Will has a recognized presence and skill set well suited to his area of practice.  Here are what two Alaskan lawyers outside our firm have to say about Will.  “Will Walton is an excellent lawyer. I have known Will for many years, and personally seen his abilities in the courtroom. Because of his down-to-earth, straight forward personality, Will has a unique ability to relate to juries and judges. Will knows the lay of the land in the Kenai legal community, and judges trust him. Most importantly, Will cares for his clients and works hard to achieve their goals.”

“Having worked both sides of the courtroom, Will has a knack for what works, and how to get things done. It is rare to find a lawyer with Will’s combination of brilliance and down to earth personality. He is a zealous advocate who cares deeply for his clients. He’s my first choice for referral of cases on the Kenai Peninsula.”

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Finding yourself or a loved one arrested and facing criminal charges can be an exceptionally traumatic event. Filing for divorce, fighting for child custody, or resolving any sort of family-oriented conflict can be a highly stressful and confusing experience. The decisions you make during these times could dramatically affect your life.

Choosing the proper law firm and subsequent attorney to represent your interests, very well may be the most important decision of all.

We are here to listen. We are here to help. We are here to fight for you.

Attorneys, Shana Theiler and Will Walton are passionate, well-respected, and experienced; devoted to protecting your rights and obtaining the best possible remedy in your case.

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